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Known for producing one of the darkest chocolate brown eggs known.

The eggs are actually prized by French chefs and they are also the favourite egg of James Bond!

Using the eggs for eating in the United States is almost unheard of, as they are so rare and highly prized. A three egg Copper Black Marans Omelette could cost as much as 30 dollars!

In practise the colour can vary from darker brown to lighter brown and some times speckled. Even within the same hen, colour will change; usually gradual changes from darker to lighter from the beginning of her egg laying cycle ,to a paler brown by the end. Often returning to a darker brown again at the beginning of her next cycle.

The Marans were developed during the 1920's near the town of Marans, North Rochelle in Poitou Charente, France.

Most strains of Copper Black Marans ( non standard in the UK ) still have reasonable amounts of feathering on the legs and these are often referred to as French Copper Black Marans.

They were originally bred in marshy areas of France and can cope with damper conditions. It was brought to England in 1929.

Marans are historically a dual-purpose bird, prized naturally for the darkness of their eggs but also for their table qualities.

Its classification is heavy, soft feather, egg colour - dark brown.

While not an old breed, the Copper Black Maran does contain some very ancient bloodlines. It is a first class utility fowl and is tough and disease resistant.

You can expect around 150 eggs a year.

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